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Improv: Your Key to the Multiverse!

"I have an advance copy and it's SO GOOD! Everything is broken down and very well defined without being complicated. There are instructions for 5 games that are PERFECT for beginners. I hope this gets translated into multiple languages because this is just so compact and perfect for sharing. It's like a 'Kit Kat',® but it's an Improv book!" - Brenna Judkins

While you wait for our next in-person class to be announced, you can order our book, "Improv: Your Key to the Multiverse," and start learning at home! Learn more about the book here or scroll down to order.

"Improv: Your Key to the Multiverse"
A 24-page complete introduction to Improv Comedy, in either English or Spanish!
Ships the Next Day!


Yes! We have merchandise, available via Teespring! Click here to get it!